– My Favorite Internet Radio Station

For when I don’t feel like picking through all my music or creating a playlist to jam to when I bust out some code or drive around town, really has me covered.They constantly have new sets of some of the most efficient music I can work to due to the fast-paced and upbeat feel to it. It really lets you relax and get what you need done. Not to mention, it is completely ad-free and has no premium services. Of course I love them so much that I donated a nice $15 though. On my TeamSpeak server, I have a music bot so I have a channel I can idle in without using even more bandwidth by having all my chat clients, TeamSpeak, and on top of that a music stream. This station is on it 24/7.

However, I may sound like I am one-sided by listening to electronica genres except I don’t – I listen to quite a wide variety. Sometimes I listen to hard rock and sometimes some classic rock. I also listen to most of electronica’s plethora of sub-genres.

This was a pretty random post compared to my normal content, but I felt like I’ve listened to for so long, I needed to give them a reference somewhere. Keep up the awesome work, 🙂

Author: Zachary DuBois

I am a person who makes random things and likes to problem solve.