When I link to somewhere, I don’t give affiliate links. This is my dumping ground for affiliate links. For each link, I tell you if you get a benefit from clicking it. If I linked to it, it is a service I use or used to use 🙂

AtlanticSSD VPS host.$15 in account credit upon signup.
BackblazeOnline backups and cloud storage.1 free month of backup services.
CoinbaseOnline bitcoin wallet.$10 in bitcoin after you buy a total of $100.
CrunchyrollAnime shows/Manga site (The best).None
DigitalOcean SSD VPS host (I no longer recommend them).$10 in account credit upon sign up.
HostHordeMinecraft server host.None
KeyCDNCheap and nice CDN.$10 account credit.
LinodeSSD VPS host.None
MailchimpEmail lists and marketing.$30 in account credit upon signup.
NamecheapDomain registrar.None
PrivacySecure virtual debit cards.$5 account credit.
StatusCakeUptime monitor.None
Sticker MuleCool stickers for wherever you need to put stickers.$10 account credit.
TingA simple cell carrier.$25 in account credit upon signup.
TreehouseLearn to code.50% off your first month
UnixstickersCool developer stickers.$5 account credit.
VultrSSD/Storage VPS host.None
Note: The bonus listed may be out of date or incorrect. I don't check it too often. If you didn't get the bonus listed, please contact me so I may update it.