DigitalOcean – A Review

DigitalOcean Logo
DigitalOcean Logo

So, I have been a customer with DigitalOcean since (really) late 2013 – 2013-12-20 to be exact. I was moving from Linode in hopes for cheaper, faster hosting. At the time of my move, Linode charged double for resources starting at $20/month for a 1GB VPS. As to where DigitalOcean charged a mere $10/month for the same spec with newer hardware, SSDs, and faster network. Of corse I switched! Anyone with a mind would. Now that Linode has caught up with DigitalOcean in system specs and hardware, it is basically neutral except for this billing structures. They both appear to be the same from the homepage but DigitalOcean is credit based. You don’t get charged until the month is over and you pay exactly what you used. Linode tried to copy that as best they could but you still need to prepay for service.

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