Random Code

My various random projects that I am currently working on, or have worked on in the past.

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Random ScriptsCurrentDumping ground for random scripts I have made for some reason.
BotsCurrentVarious bots I manage around the internet.
Monroe 911In-Progress/
Collecting data
A alternative to with a working API and storing status changes.
EzB2PlanningEasy to use PHP Backblaze B2 library.
Game Server ListPlanningTBA
CamouflagePlanningSecure reverse image proxy and link screening written in Go.
Cards Against BlankOn HoldSimple and clean Cards Against Humanity web clone.
KoiOn HoldA modular self-hosted system to give you simple web based tools with full control of your privacy.
Research BotnetOn HoldA system that allows for multiple system processes such as relationship mapping via web crawling, brute forcing, etc.
Arashi BuoyOn HoldA weather and water quality buoy that monitors everything on the water with room for expansion.
Digital Footprint ProfileAbandoned (for now)A social media scanner that will let you see some of the things you have posted that you may want to remove.
IP UpdaterDeprecatedA simple dynamic DNS script to update a dynamic IP address using the DigitalOcean API.
DigitalOcean Speed Test CLIAbandonedDOSTCLI is an easy way to run a download and latency test to all DigitalOcean‘s datacenter locations. Abandon due to popular demand.
Fluid MC StatsDeprecatedA statistics interface for Minecraft servers using Stats.